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NBA Basketball - Power Rankings

Team NameRankLast WeekChangePowerScheduleAdjusted Power
Toronto1 1 -+32.640.49+16.10
Houston2 2 -+26.040.51+13.26
Minnesota3 3 -+19.990.44+8.81
Miami4 4 -+14.620.47+6.82
Oklahoma City5 5 -+12.090.46+5.57
Denver6 7 +1+11.570.47+5.45
Golden State7 6 -1+10.990.47+5.20
LA Clippers8 9 +1+7.840.50+3.89
Boston9 8 -1+7.490.49+3.68
Chicago10 10 -+2.630.49+1.28
Philadelphia11 11 -+1.870.52+0.97
Washington12 12 -+1.520.45+0.69
Charlotte13 13 -+0.680.54+0.37
Brooklyn14 14 -+0.670.51+0.34
San Antonio15 15 -+0.360.43+0.16
Milwaukee16 16 --0.720.55-0.33
Dallas17 18 +1-0.830.52-0.40
Indiana18 17 -1-1.070.49-0.54
Detroit19 19 --2.970.50-1.47
LA Lakers20 20 --4.630.51-2.25
Memphis21 21 --6.710.56-2.97
Portland22 25 +3-6.740.52-3.24
Cleveland23 22 -1-6.500.50-3.25
Atlanta24 23 -1-6.430.48-3.32
New Orleans25 24 -1-8.750.48-4.59
Utah26 26 --13.690.59-5.57
New York27 27 --14.390.51-7.00
Phoenix28 28 --20.190.53-9.56
Sacramento29 29 --23.980.50-11.90
Orlando30 30 --29.450.52-14.08

How NBA Power Rankings are created?

* Power Rankings are updated every Monday and Friday of the NBA regular season. Ranks are based on rolling past 20 games overall, early in the season, this date range reaches back to regular-season games of the previous year.

How many times have you looked at the NBA standings and seen a team, which seems to have good talent and excellent stats, near the bottom of the standings? Did you think 'That's strange. I'll bet they are an underdog tonight against a team they can beat.'

This happens all the time because standings only detail past wins and losses - they do not foretell the future and they do not give an accurate picture of the true relative strength of each team. That's what an NBA Power Rankings grid is for. We aim to crunch all the important stats - FG %, 3-point defense, ATS road victories, home rebounding and more - and rate all NBA teams based on our unique handicapping formulas.

One team's weakness may play perfectly fit into another team's strength. Compare power rank edges against NBA point spread and NBA money line edges each day and you have a better chance of winning your wagers! See below the ratings chart for details on the math that underlies the rankings.

Beating the NBA point spread is one of the hardest things to do in sports betting. Trying to do it without daily visits to the NBA Power Rankings page is even harder. Betting on basketball requires knowledge and discipline and requires knowing which teams are underrated and under-valued.

This is where you find betting value - a solid team with a losing record where the stats and trends seem to point to them being better than their record. When you find such a team, you bet them until the betting public or the sportsbooks catch on. Before that happens, you can have four or five wins in your pocket. The early NBA betting bird gets the ATS worm!

The NBA Power Rankings page here at OddsShark.com factors in home and road scoring, rebounding, margin of victory average, three pointers per game, free throw percentage and more. We rate each team in each category and apply our weightings to each. We do the same for the defensive end of the court - steals, defensive rebounding, road and home efficiencies, which teams defend the perimeter and more.

We take an overall power number and multiply it by a strength-of-schedule weighting that gives our overall NBA power rank. That list should help you judge the best odds on the NBA spread and moneyline at your favorite sportsbook. It's part of the our commitment to better NBA data, truer NBA rankings and stats that help you win more often!

Good luck with your NBA handicapping and bookmark this page for weekly power rank updates.