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NFL Weekly Betting Recap

Need a one-stop shop for the weekly NFL betting results? If not, sorry for bothering you, but if you do, we’ve got you covered. Check in each week for the betting results of each game and keep an eye on the year-to-date numbers to see if there’s any league-wide trends bettors can take advantage of.

Week 17

NFL Week 17 betting recap
MatchupSU WinnerATS WinnerTotal
Packers vs LionsDET 35-11DET -7.5OVER 44.5
Texans vs ColtsIND 22-13IND -5.5UNDER 41.0
Jets vs PatriotsNE 26-6NE -16.5UNDER 42.5
Bears vs VikingsMIN 23-10CHI +13.5UNDER 38.0
Redskins vs GiantsNYG 18-10NYG +5.0UNDER 41.0
Cowboys vs EaglesDAL 6-0DAL -3.5UNDER 40.0
Browns vs SteelersPIT 28-24CLE +5.0OVER 38.5
Bengals vs RavensCIN 31-27CIN +8.0OVER 39.5
Saints vs BuccaneersTB 31-24TB +6.0OVER 50.0
Raiders vs ChargersLAC 30-10LAC -6.5UNDER 43.0
49ers vs RamsSF 34-13SF -6.5OVER 44.0
Bills vs DolphinsBUF 22-16BUF -2.0UNDER 41.0
Cardinals vs SeahawksARI 26-24ARI +8.0OVER 38.0
Chiefs vs BroncosKC 27-24KC +3.0OVER 37.5
Jaguars vs TitansTEN 15-10TEN -2.5UNDER 40.0
Panthers vs FalconsATL 22-10ATL -5.0UNDER 44.5
Week 17 & year-to-date stats
SituationWeek 17 Year-to-Date
Underdogs vs Favorites (ATS)7-9110-132-9
Home vs Away (ATS)8-8126-116-9
OVER/UNDER Record7-9118-133-5
SU Underdog Wins572

Week 16

NFL Week 16 betting recap
MatchupSU WinnerATS WinnerTotal
Colts vs RavensBAL 23-16IND +13.5UNDER 40.5
Vikings vs PackersMIN 16-0MIN -8.5UNDER 40.5
Browns vs BearsCHI 20-3CHI -5.5UNDER 37.0
Broncos vs RedskinsWAS 27-11WAS -3.0UNDER 39.0
Dolphins vs ChiefsKC 29-13KC -11.0UNDER 43.5
Falcons vs SaintsNO 23-13NO -5.0UNDER 51.0
Rams vs TitansLAR 27-23TEN +5.5OVER 46.0
Buccaneers vs PanthersCAR 22-19TB +10.0UNDER 46.5
Lions vs BengalsCIN 26-17CIN +3.0PUSH
Bills vs PatriotsNE 37-16NE -10.5OVER 47.5
Chargers vs JetsLAC 14-7LAC -6.5UNDER 42.5
Jaguars vs 49ersSF 44-33SF +4.0OVER 43.0
Giants vs CardinalsARI 23-0ARI -3.0UNDER 38.5
Seahawks vs CowboysSEA 21-12SEA +4.5UNDER 47.0
Steelers vs TexansPIT 34-6PIT -9.0UNDER 45.5
Raiders vs EaglesPHI 19-10OAK +10.0UNDER 46.0
Week 16 & year-to-date stats
SituationWeek 16 Year-to-Date
Underdogs vs Favorites (ATS)7-9103-123-9
Home vs Away (ATS)9-7118-108-9
OVER/UNDER Record3-12-1111-124-5
SU Underdog Wins367

Week 15

NFL Week 15 betting recap
MatchupSU WinnerATS WinnerTotal
Broncos vs ColtsDEN 25-13DEN -2.5UNDER 40.5
Bears vs LionsDET 20-10DET -4.5UNDER 43.5
Chargers vs ChiefsKC 30-13KC -1.0UNDER 47.0
Cardinals vs RedskinsWAS 20-15WAS -4.0UNDER 40.0
Bengals vs VikingsMIN 34-7MIN -12.5UNDER 42.0
Jets vs SaintsNO 31-19NYJ +16.5OVER 46.5
Dolphins vs BillsBUF 24-16BUF -3.5OVER 39.5
Packers vs PanthersCAR 31-24CAR -2.5OVER 46.5
Ravens vs BrownsBAL 27-10BAL -6.5UNDER 42.0
Texans vs JaguarsJAC 45-7JAC -10.5OVER 39.0
Eagles vs GiantsPHI 34-29NYG +7.5OVER 40.5
Rams vs SeahawksLAR 42-7LAR +1.0OVER 47.5
Titans vs 49ersSF 25-23TEN +2.5OVER 44.0
Patriots vs SteelersNE 27-24NE -2.5UNDER 52.5
Cowboys vs RaidersDAL 20-17PUSHUNDER 46.0
Week 15 & year-to-date stats
SituationWeek 15 Year-to-Date
Underdogs vs Favorites (ATS)4-10-195-114-9
Home vs Away (ATS)8-6-1108-101-9
OVER/UNDER Record7-8108-111-4
SU Underdog Wins164

Week 14

NFL Week 14 betting recap
MatchupSU WinnerATS WinnerTotal
Saints vs FalconsATL 20-17ATL -2.5UNDER 51.5
49ers vs TexansSF 26-16SF +1.5UNDER 45.5
Raiders vs ChiefsKC 26-15KC -4.5UNDER 48.5
Colts vs BillsBUF 13-7BUF -3.0UNDER 37.0
Vikings vs PanthersCAR 31-24CAR +2.5OVER 40.5
Bears vs BengalsCHI 33-7CHI +6.0PUSH
Cowboys vs GiantsDAL 30-10DAL -4.0UNDER 42.0
Packers vs BrownsGB 27-21GB -2.5OVER 38.5
Lions vs BuccaneersDET 24-21DET PICK’EMUNDER 47.5
Redskins vs ChargersLAC 30-13LAC -6.5UNDER 46.5
Titans vs CardinalsARI 12-7ARI +2.5UNDER 42.0
Jets vs BroncosDEN 23-0DEN +1.0UNDER 40.5
Eagles vs RamsPHI 43-35PHI -1.0OVER 47.0
Seahawks vs JaguarsJAC 30-24JAC -2.5OVER 41.0
Ravens vs SteelersPIT 39-38BAL +6.0OVER 43.0
Patriots vs DolphinsMIA 27-20MIA +10.5UNDER 48
Week 14 & year-to-date stats
SituationWeek 14 Year-to-Date
Underdogs vs Favorites (ATS)7-891-104-8
Home vs Away (ATS)9-7100-95-8
OVER/UNDER Record5-10-1101-103-4
SU Underdog Wins663

Week 13

NFL Week 13 betting recap
MatchupSU WinnerATS WinnerTotal
Redskins vs CowboysDAL 38-14DAL +1.5OVER 46.5
Texans vs TitansTEN 24-13TEN -6.5UNDER 42.0
Vikings vs FalconsMIN 14-9MIN +2.0UNDER 48.5
Lions vs RavensBAL 44-20BAL -2.5OVER 43.0
Patriots vs BillsNE 23-3NE -7.5UNDER 49.0
Colts vs JaguarsJAC 30-10JAC -10.0UNDER 41.0
49ers vs BearsSF 15-14SF +2.5UNDER 42.5
Broncos vs DolphinsMIA 35-9MIA +1.0OVER 41.0
Buccaneers vs PackersGB 26-20GB -3.0OVER 45.5
Chiefs vs JetsNYJ 38-31NYJ +4.0OVER 44.5
Browns vs ChargersLAC 19-10CLE +13.0UNDER 45.0
Panthers vs SaintsNO 31-21NO -5.5OVER 47.5
Giants vs RaidersOAK 24-17NYG +10.0UNDER 42.5
Rams vs CardinalsLAR 32-16LAR -7.0OVER 43.0
Eagles vs SeahawksSEA 24-10SEA +3.5UNDER 46.5
Steelers vs BengalsPIT 23-20CIN +4.5OVER 42.5
Week 13 & year-to-date stats
SituationWeek 13 Year-to-Date
Underdogs vs Favorites (ATS)9-784-96-8
Home vs Away (ATS)10-691-88-8
OVER/UNDER Record7-995-94-3
SU Underdog Wins657

Week 12

NFL Week 12 betting recap
MatchupSU WinnerATS WinnerTotal
Vikings vs LionsMIN 30-23MIN -2.5OVER 45.0
Chargers vs CowboysLAC 28-6LAC -1.0UNDER 46.5
Giants vs RedskinsWAS 20-10WAS -7.0UNDER 44.0
Dolphins vs PatriotsNE 35-17NE -17.0OVER 49.0
Panthers vs JetsCAR 35-27CAR -5.5OVER 39.0
Bears vs EaglesPHI 31-3PHI -14.0UNDER 43.5
Bills vs ChiefsBUF 16-10BUF +8.5UNDER 47.0
Buccaneers vs FalconsATL 34-20ATL -10.0OVER 47.0
Browns vs BengalsCIN 30-16CIN -7.5OVER 39.0
Titans vs ColtsTEN 20-16TEN -3.0UNDER 46.5
Seahawks vs 49ersSEA 24-13SEA -7.0UNDER 45.0
Saints vs RamsLAR 26-20LAR -2.5UNDER 54.0
Broncos vs RaidersOAK 21-14OAK -3.5UNDER 40.5
Jaguars vs CardinalsARI 27-24ARI +6.0OVER 37.0
Packers vs SteelersPIT 31-28GB +14.0OVER 43.0
Texans vs RavensBAL 23-16HOU +7.5PUSH
Week 12 & year-to-date stats
SituationWeek 12 Year-to-Date
Underdogs vs Favorites (ATS)4-1275-89-8
Home vs Away (ATS)8-881-81-8
OVER/UNDER Record7-8-188-85-3
SU Underdog Wins251

Week 11

NFL Week 11 betting recap
MatchupSU WinnerATS WinnerTotal
Titans vs SteelersPIT 40-17PIT -7.0OVER 44.5
Lions vs BearsDET 27-24PUSHOVER 40.0
Ravens vs PackersBAL 23-0BAL -2.5UNDER 38.0
Cardinals vs TexansHOU 31-21HOU -2.5OVER 37.5
Rams vs VikingsMIN 24-7MIN -1.5UNDER 46.0
Buccaneers vs DolphinsTB 30-20TB -1.0OVER 44.0
Redskins vs SaintsNO 34-31WAS +9.5OVER 52.5
Jaguars vs BrownsJAC 19-7JAC -7.0UNDER 36.5
Chiefs vs GiantsNYG 12-9NYG +10.0UNDER 44.5
Bills vs ChargersLAC 54-24LAC -6.5OVER 41.5
Bengals vs BroncosCIN 20-17CIN +2.5PUSH
Patriots vs RaidersNE 33-8NE -7.0UNDER 55.0
Eagles vs CowboysPHI 37-9PHI -6.0UNDER 47.5
Falcons vs SeahawksATL 34-31ATL PICKOVER 46
Week 11 & year-to-date stats
SituationWeek 11 Year-to-Date
Underdogs vs Favorites (ATS)3-9-171-77-8
Home vs Away (ATS)5-6-173-73-8
OVER/UNDER Record7-6-181-77-2
SU Underdog Wins249

Week 10

NFL Week 10 betting recap
MatchupSU WinnerATS WinnerTotal
Seahawks vs CardinalsSEA 22-16PUSHUNDER 40.0
Browns vs LionsDET 38-24DET -10.5OVER 42.5
Steelers vs ColtsPIT 20-17IND +10.5UNDER 46.5
Chargers vs JaguarsJAC 20-17LAC +5.0UNDER 40.5
Jets vs BuccaneersTB 15-10TB -1.0UNDER 44.0
Vikings vs RedskinsMIN 38-30MIN -1.0OVER 41.0
Packers vs BearsGB 23-16GB +4.5OVER 37.5
Bengals vs TitansTEN 24-20CIN +4.5OVER 40.5
Saints vs BillsNO 47-10NO -2.0OVER 48.0
Texans vs RamsLAR 33-7LAR -13.0UNDER 45.0
Giants vs 49ersSF 31-21SF +2.5OVER 41.5
Cowboys vs FalconsATL 27-7ATL -3.5UNDER 49.0
Patriots vs BroncosNE 41-16NE -7.0OVER 45.0
Dolphins vs PanthersCAR 45-21CAR -8OVER 38.5
Week 10 & year-to-date stats
SituationWeek 10 Year-to-Date
Underdogs vs Favorites (ATS)5-8-168-68-7
Home vs Away (ATS)7-6-168-67-7
OVER/UNDER Record8-674-71-1
SU Underdog Wins247

Week 9

NFL Week 9 betting recap
MatchupSU WinnerATS WinnerTotal
Bills vs JetsNYJ 34-21NYJ +3.0OVER 42.0
Bengals vs JaguarsJAC 23-7JAC -5.5UNDER 37.5
Rams vs GiantsLAR 51-17LAR -6.0OVER 42.5
Broncos vs EaglesPHI 51-23PHI -7.0OVER 41.0
Colts vs TexansIND 20-14IND +6.0UNDER 44.5
Buccaneers vs SaintsNO 30-10NO -7.0UNDER 54.0
Ravens vs TitansTEN 23-20PUSHOVER 41.0
Falcons vs PanthersCAR 20-17CAR +3.0UNDER 42.0
Cardinals vs 49ersARI 20-10ARI -2.5UNDER 38.5
Redskins vs SeahawksWAS 17-14WAS +8.0UNDER 44.5
Chiefs vs CowboysDAL 28-17DAL -2.5UNDER 53.5
Raiders vs DolphinsOAK 27-24PUSHOVER 44.5
Lions vs PackersDET 30-17DET -2.5OVER 42.5
Week 9 & year-to-date stats
SituationWeek 9 Year-to-Date
Underdogs vs Favorites (ATS)4-7-263-60-6
Home vs Away (ATS)6-5-261-61-6
OVER/UNDER Record6-766-65-1
SU Underdog Wins445

Week 8

NFL Week 8 betting recap
MatchupSU WinnerATS WinnerTotal
Dolphins vs RavensBAL 40-0BAL -3.0OVER 38.0
Vikings vs BrownsMIN 33-16MIN -11.0OVER 38.5
Panthers vs BuccaneersCAR 17-3CAR +1.5UNDER 46.0
Bears vs SaintsNO 20-12CHI +8.5UNDER 45.5
Raiders vs BillsBUF 34-14BUF -1.5OVER 47.5
Colts vs BengalsCIN 24-23IND +11.0OVER 44.0
Chargers vs PatriotsNE 21-13NE -6.5UNDER 48.0
Falcons vs JetsATL 25-20NYJ +6.5OVER 43.0
49ers vs EaglesPHI 33-10PHI -13.0UNDER 44.5
Texans vs SeahawksSEA 41-38HOU +6.0OVER 45.5
Cowboys vs RedskinsDAL 33-19DAL -3.0OVER 46.5
Steelers vs LionsPIT 20-15PIT -3.0UNDER 44.5
Broncos vs ChiefsKC 29-19KC -7OVER 42
Week 8 & year-to-date stats
SituationWeek 8 Year-to-Date
Underdogs vs Favorites (ATS)5-759-52-4
Home vs Away (ATS)5-654-56-4
OVER/UNDER Record7-559-58-1
SU Underdog Wins141

Week 7

NFL Week 7 betting recap
MatchupSU WinnerATS WinnerTotal
Chiefs vs RaidersOAK 31-30OAK +3.0OVER 46.5
Ravens vs VikingsMIN 24-16MIN -5.5OVER 37.5
Buccaneers vs BillsBUF 30-27PUSHOVER 46.5
Titans vs BrownsTEN 12-9CLE +5.5UNDER 42.0
Jaguars vs ColtsJAC 27-0JAC -3.0UNDER 41.0
Jets vs DolphinsMIA 31-28PUSHOVER 39.0
Panthers vs BearsCHI 17-3CHI +2.5UNDER 39.5
Cardinals vs RamsLAR 33-0LAR -3.0UNDER 46.0
Saints vs PackersNO 26-17NO -3.5UNDER 45.5
Cowboys vs 49ersDAL 40-10DAL -6.0OVER 47.5
Broncos vs ChargersLAC 21-0LAC PICK’EMUNDER 41.0
Seahawks vs GiantsSEA 24-7SEA -3.5UNDER 38.5
Bengals vs SteelersPIT 29-14PIT -4.0OVER 40.0
Falcons vs PatriotsNE 23-7NE -2.5UNDER 55.5
Redskins vs EaglesPHI 34-24PHI -5OVER 48.5
Week 7 & year-to-date stats
SituationWeek 7 Year-to-Date
Underdogs vs Favorites (ATS)3-9-254-45-4
Home vs Away (ATS)8-4-249-50-4
OVER/UNDER Record7-852-53-1
SU Underdog Wins240

Week 6

NFL Week 6 betting recap
MatchupSU WinnerATS WinnerTotal
Eagles vs PanthersPHI 28-23PHI +3.0OVER 43.5
Browns vs TexansHOU 33-17HOU -7.5OVER 46.0
Packers vs VikingsMIN 23-10MIN +3.0UNDER 46.0
Lions vs SaintsNO 52-38NO -6.0OVER 50.5
Dolphins vs FalconsMIA 20-17MIA +14.0UNDER 45.5
Bears vs RavensCHI 27-24CHI +5.0OVER 39.5
Patriots vs JetsNE 24-17NYJ +9.0UNDER 48.5
49ers vs RedskinsWAS 26-24SF +10.5OVER 46.0
Buccaneers vs CardinalsARI 38-33ARI +2.5OVER 47.0
Rams vs JaguarsLAR 27-17LAR PICK’EMOVER 42.0
Chargers vs RaidersLAC 17-16LAC +3.0UNDER 48.0
Steelers vs ChiefsPIT 19-13PIT +3.5UNDER 46.5
Giants vs BroncosNYG 23-10NYG +13.5UNDER 37.5
Colts vs TitansTEN 36-22TEN -7OVER 46
Week 6 & year-to-date stats
SituationWeek 6 Year-to-Date
Underdogs vs Favorites (ATS)10-351-36-2
Home vs Away (ATS)6-841-46-2
OVER/UNDER Record8-645-45-1
SU Underdog Wins838

Week 5

NFL Week 5 betting recap
MatchupSU WinnerATS WinnerTotal
Patriots vs BuccaneersNE 19-14NE -3.5UNDER 54.5
Titans vs DolphinsMIA 16-10MIA -1.0UNDER 41.0
Chargers vs GiantsLAC 27-22LAC +3.0OVER 45.5
Cardinals vs EaglesPHI 34-7PHI -6.0UNDER 45.0
Jaguars vs SteelersJAC 30-9JAC +7.5UNDER 41.0
Bills vs BengalsCIN 20-16CIN -3.0UNDER 38.5
Jets vs BrownsNYJ 17-14NYJ -2.0UNDER 41.5
Panthers vs LionsCAR 27-24CAR +2.0OVER 41.5
49ers vs ColtsIND 26-23IND -1.5OVER 44.0
Seahawks vs RamsSEA 16-10SEA +2.5UNDER 46.5
Ravens vs RaidersBAL 30-17BAL +3.0OVER 40.5
Packers vs CowboysGB 35-31GB +2.5OVER 52.0
Chiefs vs TexansKC 42-34KC -2.0OVER 45.0
Vikings vs BearsMIN 20-17CHI +3.5UNDER 41
Week 5 & year-to-date stats
SituationWeek 5 Year-to-Date
Underdogs vs Favorites (ATS)7-741-33-2
Home vs Away (ATS)5-935-38-2
OVER/UNDER Record6-837-39-1
SU Underdog Wins630

Week 4

NFL Week 4 betting recap
MatchupSU WinnerATS WinnerTotal
Bears vs PackersGB 35-14GB -7.0OVER 44.0
Saints vs DolphinsNO 20-0NO -3.5UNDER 51.0
Bengals vs BrownsCIN 31-7CIN -3.0UNDER 41.5
Panthers vs PatriotsCAR 33-30CAR +9.0OVER 47.5
Jaguars vs JetsNYJ 23-20NYJ +4.0OVER 38.0
Rams vs CowboysLAR 35-30LAR +5.0OVER 50.5
Titans vs TexansHOU 57-14HOU +2.5OVER 43.0
Lions vs VikingsDET 14-7DET +2.5UNDER 43.5
Bills vs FalconsBUF 23-17BUF +8.0UNDER 47.5
Steelers vs RavensPIT 26-9PIT -3.5UNDER 41.5
49ers vs CardinalsARI 18-15SF +6.0UNDER 43.0
Eagles vs ChargersPHI 26-24PHI +2.0OVER 47.5
Giants vs BuccaneersTB 25-23NYG +2.5OVER 46.0
Raiders vs BroncosDEN 16-10DEN -3.5UNDER 44.0
Colts vs SeahawksSEA 46-18SEA -12.5OVER 41.5
Redskins vs ChiefsKC 29-20KC -6.5OVER 47.5
Week 4 & year-to-date stats
SituationWeek 4 Year-to-Date
Underdogs vs Favorites (ATS)9-734-26-2
Home vs Away (ATS)6-930-29-2
OVER/UNDER Record9-731-31-1
SU Underdog Wins724

Week 3

NFL Week 3 betting recap
MatchupSU WinnerATS WinnerTotal
Rams vs 49ersLAR 41-39SF +3.0OVER 40.5
Ravens vs JaguarsJAC 44-7JAC +3.0OVER 38.0
Broncos vs BillsBUF 26-16BUF +3.0OVER 40.0
Saints vs PanthersNO 34-13NO +5.5OVER 46.0
Falcons vs LionsATL 30-26ATL -3.0OVER 50.5
Browns vs ColtsIND 31-28IND +1.0OVER 42.0
Texans vs PatriotsNE 36-33HOU +13.5OVER 44.0
Dolphins vs JetsNYJ 20-6NYJ +5.5UNDER 42.5
Steelers vs BearsCHI 23-17CHI +6.5UNDER 43.5
Giants vs EaglesPHI 27-24NYG +5.0OVER 41.5
Buccaneers vs VikingsMIN 34-17MIN PICKOVER 41.0
Seahawks vs TitansTEN 33-27TEN -2.0OVER 41.0
Chiefs vs ChargersKC 24-10KC -3.0UNDER 47.0
Bengals vs PackersGB 27-24CIN +7.0OVER 47.5
Raiders vs RedskinsWAS 27-10WAS +3.5UNDER 53.5
Cowboys vs CardinalsDAL 28-17DAL -3UNDER 46
Week 3 & year-to-date stats
SituationWeek 3 Year-to-Date
Underdogs vs Favorites (ATS)11-425-19-2
Home vs Away (ATS)9-725-20-2
OVER/UNDER Record11-522-25-1
SU Underdog Wins717

Week 2

NFL Week 2 betting recap
MatchupSU WinnerATS WinnerTotal
Texans vs BengalsHOU 13-9HOU +5.5UNDER 38.5
Vikings vs SteelersPIT 26-9PIT -8.5UNDER 43.0
Bears vs BuccaneersTB 29-7TB -7.0UNDER 44.0
Eagles vs ChiefsKC 27-20KC -4.5OVER 46.5
Patriots vs SaintsNE 36-20NE -6.0OVER 55.5
Browns vs RavensBAL 24-10BAL -7.5UNDER 39.0
Bills vs PanthersCAR 9-3PUSHUNDER 43.0
Cardinals vs ColtsARI 16-13IND +6.5UNDER 44.0
Titans vs JaguarsTEN 37-16TEN -1.5OVER 41.0
Dolphins vs ChargersMIA 19-17MIA +3.5UNDER 46.0
Jets vs RaidersOAK 45-20OAK -13.5OVER 43.5
Redskins vs RamsWAS 27-20WAS +3.0PUSH
49ers vs SeahawksSEA 12-9SF +13.5UNDER 41.0
Cowboys vs BroncosDEN 42-17DEN +2.5OVER 44.0
Packers vs FalconsATL 34-23ATL -3.0OVER 55.0
Lions vs GiantsDET 24-10DET +3.0UNDER 42.5
Week 2 & year-to-date stats
SituationWeek 2 Year-to-Date
Underdogs vs Favorites (ATS)7-8-114-15-2
Home vs Away (ATS)8-7-116-13-2
OVER/UNDER Record6-9-111-19-1
SU Underdog Wins510

Week 1

NFL Week 1 betting recap
MatchupSU WinnerATS WinnerTotal
Chiefs vs PatriotsKC 42-27KC +8OVER 47.5
Falcons vs BearsATL 23-17CHI +6.5UNDER 48.5
Eagles vs RedskinsPHI 30-17PHI -1UNDER 49.5
Ravens vs BengalsBAL 20-0BAL +2.5UNDER 41.5
Steelers vs BrownsPIT 21-18CLE +7UNDER 47
Jaguars vs TexansJAC 29-7JAC +6UNDER 38
Jets vs BillsBUF 21-12BUF -7UNDER 42
Cardinals vs LionsDET 35-23DET +2.5OVER 48.5
Raiders vs TitansOAK 26-16OAK +2.5UNDER 50
Colts vs RamsLAR 46-9LAR -3.5OVER 42
Panthers vs 49ersCAR 23-3CAR -4UNDER 44
Seahawks vs PackersGB 17-9GB -2.5UNDER 49.5
Giants vs CowboysDAL 19-3DAL -5.5UNDER 46
Saints vs VikingsMIN 29-19MIN -3OVER 47.5
Chargers vs BroncosDEN 24-21PUSHOVER 41.5
Week 1 & year-to-date stats
SituationWeek 1 Year-to-Date
Underdogs vs Favorites (ATS)7-7-17-7-1
Home vs Away (ATS)8-6-18-6-1
OVER/UNDER Record5-105-10
SU Underdog Wins55

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